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Looking for a fun day out with the family in Bradford? There are so many festivals and exhibitions to visit, hosted in the various museums, art galleries and parks located throughout the city. One of the biggest parks in Bradford is Peel Park located in Bolton and Underclife area. The park benefits from a convenient location, approximately one mile from the city centre and the National Science and Media Museum. The park’s name is taken from Sir Robert Peel and was the very first public park in England. As recognition of Peel Park’s historical importance, It is declared as an English Heritage site. The park was won numerous prestigious awards, including the Green Flag award. Regularly recognised among the very best of UK public parks, Peel Park is one of the most visited public parks in England. So whether you’re looking for some peace and quiet or looking to spend some quality time with friends and family outdoors, Peel Park has something for everyone.

Serving the Local Community and Beyond

On the 13th of August 1850, the decision was made following various local council meetings at St. George Hall to open a public park to commemorate Sir Robert Peel who passed away earlier in the year. The UK government of the day donated approximately 1500 pound sterling, and attracted funding from numerous companies and wealthy private individuals. Following the purchase of the land, it took 12 years before the park was finally ready to open. Initially owned by the Municipal Borough of Bradford, the park is now owned by the City of Bradford. There are various facilities that visitors can enjoy whilst spending time in Peel Park. In addition to basic amenities such as toilets, car parking and drinking fountains, the park features a playground, BMX racing, a rollerblading area, a football pitch, tennis court, pavilion, bowling greens as well as a cafe.