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If you’re looking for a cultural outing, Bolling Hall fits the bill perfectly. Over five centuries old and previously home to some of Bradford’s most important families, the Hall and its museum provides visitors with an interactive history lesson. Conveniently located close to the centre of Bradford, Bolling Hall today functions largely as a museum. If you’re interested in history it really is essential to pay a visit. Prior to the Industrial Revolution Bradford was a small city but still a place of some importance. The building was originally constructed to incorporate a peel tower into its structure, and overall the building’s architecture is consistent with this defensive, functional style. Sindi was the first owner of Bolling Hall, and then in early 14th, William Bolling occupied this hall. In late 15th, the hall was owned by Tempests and later opened to the general public in 1915. Later, the historical building was named as Bolling Hall.


Each room in Bolling Hall is authentically decorated and furnished to a specific historical period to enable visitors to really immerse themselves in the history of the building. Much of the focus is upon the role the Hall played during the civil war, so it’s a must-see for those interested in studying this period of history. A variety of guidebooks are available and in some cases a guided tour, though these are subject to availability. Whilst the emphasis is firmly educative, it can also function as a fun day out for the kids too, with the Hall hosting activities on a regular basis for many of the local schools. Like many of Bradford’s attractions, Bolling Hall is free to enter which is in keeping with the city’s ethos of freely available education. The existence of so many monumental and historical buildings like Bolling Hall, in addition to its many great public parks such as Horton Park, truly makes Bradford one of the best cities to pay a visit.