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Occupied by various peoples over the course of thousands of years, it’s no surprise that England is home to many important historical cities. One of the most popular cities is Bradford. Today, Bradford boasts a wide variety of historical buildings such as Bolling Hall, parks with historical buildings and monuments, and museums. Almost all of these public buildings are free to enter, bestowing upon Bradford a reputation for egalitarian learning and education in the absence of prohibitive pricing structures. In addition to the city’s many well-tended public parks and impressive historical buildings, there are also several world class museums. One museum you should be sure to visit while you are in Bradford is the National Science and Media Museum. Owned and operated by the Science Museum Group, the museum has seven floors filled with a variety of galleries and exhibits such as animation, photography, video gaming, television and more. The National Science and Media Museum is also host to many large media events, regularly collaborating with Picturehouse Cinemas.

Informative and Fun

Various entertainment industries from video games through to UK cinema are proud to use NSMS as a place to hold many festivals. If you are in Bradford, you shouldn’t ignore this museum as it will provide you with memorable and enlightening knowledge about films, video games and more media history that you may not know and cannot find on the internet. This Museum was voted the most attractive museum in the UK by the public, and this is a big reason why it’s the most visited museum in northern England. If you’re a fan of cinema, video gaming, animation or photography, you will regret missing an opportunity to visit. The museum is welcoming to children, so it is an ideal choice for a family outing. Moreover, it is so accessible as it is near to the centre of Bradford.